For the duration of the shelter-in-place orders

I hope this finds you and yours well.


Given all of the following:

  • the present situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19),
  • the State of California and the Bay Area Counties’ recent “shelter in place” orders, and
  • the advice that people observe “social distancing guidelines” and/or work remotely when possible,


I intend to conduct my psychotherapy practice utilizing Telehealth means, until the “shelter in place” orders and “social distancing guidelines” are relaxed and/or rescinded.  This is not a decision that I have come to lightly, as I very much prefer to work with you in-person, however, I believe that the health and safety of you, those in your life, me, and those in my life are important.  



As a practical matter, please know that what this means is that we will meet utilizing Telehealth rather than meet in person, until the “shelter in place” orders and “social distancing guidelines” are relaxed and/or rescinded.


For Telehealth appointments, I use a HIPAA-compliant platform that can be accessed securely via a “patient portal.”  It is confidential and there is no recording of our session – just like an in-person session.


As a general reminder, please remember that Telehealth sessions need to take place in a private place where no one can hear our conversation. So, no cafés or other rooms where you do not have privacy.  Additionally, it may be a good idea to power down or use “airplane mode” on any smart devices that would normally “listen in” for our verbal instructions.  


Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this change.  It is my intent to assist you to access therapy in a manner that:

  • works and is safe for both of us,
  • complies with directives from our public health officials, and
  • helps us all get support as we weather these current times.


On this page, I include links to general information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of California.  Additionally, there are links to local County Social Services and Crisis Support Services.  If any link appears to be broken, please try again or search independently for the resource.  As you may imagine, many are accessing information at this time and the respective websites may be temporarily overwhelmed.  


Thank you in advance for your flexibility, resilience, and understanding.